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tarnish_designs's Journal

Tarnished Designs
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tarnish_designs will be closed until my life is less busy. Please do not ask to be accepted until the community is offically back, I won't be checking it so it's a waste of your time. Check back later for any more news

Tarnish Rules Affiliates and Layout Resources
What the hell is Tarnish Designs? Well it's very simple. This is the graphic resource community for Tarnished. Here you will get all of my freebies and goodies that I want to share for free. Everything I do here I make myself and ask for credit so everything you use in this community is to be given proper credit. I've been making icons/header and all other graphics for almost 4 years now and I feel like I know what I'm doing. Basically, for the last 4yrs people have been asking me where I got certain textures or brushes and a huge part of them I make for myself and now I want to share them, Aren't I just the sweetest?? So please feel free to join but PLEASE READ ALL THE RULES before joining, they can change at anytime. What will happen if you don't read the rules or follow them? You will be banned and will be put on my shit list and you will have to buy me a car or get me a date with Johnny Depp and a playdate with Angelina and Gwen before I let you back in my community. Enjoy!!
1. Everything you use from this community MUST be credited to tarnished or tarnish_designs.
2. Comment when taking anything posted.
3. For any reason you are banned from a community I'm part of, ie backstage_icons or vanishedicons, you will be banned without a warning.
4. You must credit ALL graphics or icons you have on your journal.
5. If you change journals remove your old username that you joined this community with and rejoin with your new journal AFTER your new journal is over a month.
6. If you journal is new, less then 1 month old, only has graphic journals/communities or have less then 5 people added, less then 10 entries made, you will not be accepted. Also If you are friends with a person that is banned from a community I mod you will not get accepted.
7. If you have about a million blinkies/signs/banners/any graphic at all you won't get accepted.
8. You MUST have a default icon selected so I can check crediting. Also if you don't have any icons you will not be accepted.
fuckas_inc heartsicons alteredfocus vanishedicons redrungraphics rollerskates

Header by tarnished
Codes by faceon

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Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide